¡El destructor de aflatoxina B1, mantiene su aceite comestible fuera del riesgo de cáncer de hígado!

What's AflaCrusher?

The degradation machine for aflatoxin b1 in edible oil.


The ultraviolet light has strong power to destroy the DNA & RNA of becteria and viruses. It will eliminate the ability of servivor and productivity for both bacteria & viruses. It also can change the structure of DNA & RNA, stop duplication, blockade and destroy protein synthesis. At the same time, producing the free radical cause photoionization that kill the cell completely. The final degradation of aflatoxin makes the edible oil safer and removes the risk of cancer.

Aflatoxin B1 - Liver Cancer Killer

Aflatoxin (AFT) is a class of chemically similar compounds, all derivatives of dihydrofuran coumarin. Aflatoxin is a secondary metabolite produced primarily by Aspergillus flavus, a. parasiticus, with the highest incidence of aflatoxin in food and feed in hot and humid regions.

They are found in soil, animals and plants, and various kinds of nuts. Especially, they are easy to pollute peanuts, corn, rice, soybeans, wheat and other grain and oil products. They are the most toxic and harmful to human health.
In 1993, aflatoxin was classified as a Class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO) Cancer Research Institute. It is a highly toxic and highly toxic substance. The harm of aflatoxin is that it damages human and animal liver tissues. The effect can lead to liver cancer and even death in severe cases. Aflatoxin B1 is the most common in naturally polluted foods, and its toxicity and carcinogenicity are also the strongest. 

B1 is the most dangerous carcinogen and is often detected in corn, peanuts, cotton seeds, and some dried fruits. They produce fluorescence under ultraviolet light and are classified into two major classes, B and G, and their derivatives, depending on the color of the fluorescent light. AFT has found more than 20 kinds. AFT mainly pollutes grain and oil foods, animal and plant foods, etc.; such as peanuts, corn, rice, wheat, beans, nuts, meat, milk and dairy products, aquatic products, etc., all have aflatoxin contamination.

Aflatoxin M1 is mainly left in dairy products and is extremely threatened for human health.

What's benefits?

1. High speed for aflatoxin b1 degradation
2. One time degradation, residues comply with European/US regulation
3. Safety: without any additive, non-contact with oil, avoid second pollution
4. Friendly to use, automated
5. Food grade 316 stainless steel container for safety

Why use AflaCrusher?

1. Will not change the quality of edible oil
2. Physical degradation, avoid second pollution
3. No heat procedure required
4. Long shelf life
5. Low cost for degradation
6. After degradation, still keep save taste, fragrance, nutrition, etc.
7. Customized equipment available

Application: degradation aflatoxin b1 in various types cooking oil

Avocado oil

Canola oil

Coconut oil

Olive oil

Pumpkin seed oil

Walnut oil

Peanut oil

Sesame oil

Hemp seed oil

Flaxseed oil

Sunflower seed oil

Vegetable oil

The maximum residues level of Aflatoxin B1 in food

Assay tools

Aflatoxin B1 Test

aflatoxin b1 test kit
High sensitivity European / US regulation

Aflatoxin M1 Test

aflatoxin m1 test kit
20ppt - 80ppt, Quantitative Assay, European / US regulation

Comparison Aflatoxin B1 Removal Methods

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