¡El destructor de aflatoxina B1, mantiene su aceite comestible fuera del riesgo de cáncer de hígado!

Most of Common Sense in Aflatoxin on the Internet is Wrong.

Posted on November 18, 2019 by Josephine

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Food and Drug Administration of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region recently announced the sampling information of 183 batches of foods for beverages, convenience foods and alcohol, including 174 batches, 3 batches of convenience foods, and 3 batches of wine. 3 batches of beverages failed and the blessed factory of Guangxi Bama Shouxiangyuan Health Food Co., Ltd.  produce Bama alpine cereal paste exceeded the standard in aflatoxin B1.

According to experts from the Food and Drug Administration of the Autonomous Region, aflatoxin B1 is a naturally human carcinogen. Long-term consumption of foods with excessive aflatoxin may cause damage to the liver. The main reason for the exceeding the standard in aflatoxin B1 may be that the raw materials used for feeding are contaminated by molds like Aspergillus flavus during planting, harvesting, transportation and storage. The company does not strictly select the raw materials and conduct relevant tests during production.

Aflatoxin is one of the strongest carcinogenic chemical known to man. It is widely found in various crops, especially moldy foods and oil crops such as peanuts. It can not only cause liver cancer but also induce cancer in other organs. Although you have heard of aflatoxins, you don't understand it in deep and people have misunderstandings about it. Many  common senses in aflatoxin widely spread on the Internet, are wrong. If you don't believe it, let's take a look at it. Do have have these wrong common senses?

Must mildew peanuts have aflatoxins? It is wrong! Mild mildew peanuts can not eat, but not necessarily polluted with aflatoxins. For example, if the peanut mildewed due to contamination of the root mold, and there is no aflatoxin.

Does peanut without mold not contain aflatoxin? It is wrong! Whether peanuts are contaminated by Aspergillus flavus can not be seen by the naked eye, and it must pass the test. Or else why buy millions of devices for detection?

Does peanut contaminated with Aspergillus flavus have aflatoxins? It is wrong too. Aflatoxin produced toxins depends on whether it produces genes that produce toxins. Aspergillus flavus is also used in the food industry, as long as it does not produce aflatoxin.

Does peanut without aflatoxin not produce aflatoxin? It is wrong too. Except for Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus parasiticus can also produce aflatoxins.

To sum up, peanuts with or without mold do not necessarily have aflatoxins.

Does Aspergillus only pollute peanuts? It is wrong! Except for peanuts, common contaminated foods include rice, wheat, corn, melon seeds, walnuts, sesame seeds, pistachios, etc.

Is aflatoxin in gutter oil? It is wrong! Aflatoxins are mainly produced in the field and storage. Aflatoxins produced in the gutter oil are almost speculated by people.

Can aflatoxin make garlic red. It is wrong! I don't know what the detection principle of garlic in aflatoxin on the internet is. If there are the garlic detection in aflatoxin and why people need to buy devices with millions worth?

Can the money detector detect aflatoxin? Aflatoxins can be stimulated to fluoresce, and many assays are based on fluorescence. However, the content of aflatoxin in general foods is extremely low. How can it be seen by the money detector?

Does Pu'er tea have more aflatoxin? It is inaccurate. Pu'er is obtained by microbial fermentation. These microbial flora will not produced Aspergillus flavus, so there is generally no aflatoxin, and only a few inferior Pu'er may contain a small amount of aflatoxin.

Will the fermented bean curd, soybean meal, and bean paste be easy to contaminate Aspergillus flavus? It is inaccurate. The production process of these foods is related to  fermentation of mold, but the mildew is not Aspergillus, which is similar to Pu'er tea. Although it is not excluded that these foods may be contaminated, it is generally unlikely. In comparison, the aflatoxin in the pressed peanut oil is scary.

Does the yellowing rice contamninate with a long-term aflatoxin? It cannot be generalized in all the yellowing rice. The yellowing of rice is more likely to age. That is to say, it has been stored for a long time. Aging rice can cause a decline in nutritional value, but does not necessarily produce aflatoxin.

Does aflatoxin only exist in the south? The south is warm and humid, which is more suitable for the production of Aspergillus flavus. However, the temperature of the north is not low, especially in North China, and it is also a common area of Aspergillus flavus. Northeast and Northwest are relatively less in production of aflatoxin.

Will Chopsticks and chopsticks cause family cancer, if they are unchanged for a few months? This is Wrong! The conditions of toxin produced by Aspergillus flavus needs more than 20 degrees of temperature, damp the environment, and rich in nutrition, to produce the toxin gene.Why does Aspergillus prefer foods such as peanuts, rice, and corn? Because these grains are nutritious. The food residual on the general chopsticks and chopping board are available, so the mildew is possible to produce but not aflatoxin. 

Most of Common Sense in Aflatoxin on the Internet is Wrong.

Although you don't have to worry too much about aflatoxin, for the sake of family health, we can still pay attention to these points in the process of using chopsticks and chopping board.After the chopsticks are washed, don't rush put it into the chopsticks box and drain the water for sometime.After the chopsticks are washed, don't rush put it into the chopsticks box and drain the water for sometime.

1.After the chopsticks are washed, don't rush put it into the chopsticks box and drain the water for sometime.

2. Hollowed chopsticks box is more conducive to drying with head up, so there must be a water hole below.

3. Do not put too many tablewares in the chopsticks box, and put the rest tablewares into the cabinet after drying.

4. Regularly clean the chopsticks box, and pay attention to the bottom that is prone to mildew.

5. It need two cutting board to cope with raw and cooked material. If you use a piece of chopping board, do not use its front and back to distinguish cutting between raw and cooked material. The cutting of different material should be distinguished by order.

6. The cutting board need to be cleaned in time and leave no food residue after use.After the board is washed, it can be hung or stand up.

7. Do not place it on the wall or lay it on the table.

8. It is better to wash the cutting board once again before using it for the next day or next meal.

9. Proper maintenance according to the instructions for use of the chopping board can extend its expected endurance.

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