¡El destructor de aflatoxina B1, mantiene su aceite comestible fuera del riesgo de cáncer de hígado!

The toxicity of aflatoxin is 68 times that of arsenic. How do you get rid of aflatoxin?

Posted on November 9, 2019 by Josephine

One toxic substance is very common in the kitchen, and its toxicity is 68 times than that of arsenic. It is aflatoxin. What is aflatoxin? How do you get rid of aflatoxin? Let's get to know the next!

Aflatoxin is 68 times than that of arsenic. How to remove aflatoxin?

Aflatoxin toxicity is 68 times than arsenic.

Did you know that a toxin has been classified as a Class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Its toxicity is 10 times than that of potassium cyanide and 68 times than that of arsenic. It is the most stable mycotoxin found so far. It is difficult to remove and more importantly it is closely related to one of the inductions in the liver cancer.

Aflatoxins (AFT), a metabolite produced by the toxigenic aflatoxins and parasitic Aspergillus, is a highly biotoxic chemical. It includes many types, and the most carcinogenic type is aflatoxin B1. Research work by disease research institutions in Asia and Africa has shown that ingesting food with aflatoxins is positively correlated with liver cell cancer (LCC). Long-term consumption can destructively affect human and animal liver tissue and can cause liver cancer or even death in severe cases.

Aflatoxin is widely present in the soil. When the mycelium grows, it produces toxins. The spores can spread to the air and spread under appropriate conditions, infecting suitable parasites and producing aflatoxins. Where do we get aflatoxin in our daily lives?

Studies have found that aflatoxin is most commonly found in cereals, legumes, and nut foods in natural foods. For example, corn, peanuts, mung beans, rice, etc. are the most common. These foods contain a lot of starch, which is prone to mildew in a humid and stuffy environment. Long-term consumption of moldy food may lead to the formation of liver cancer.

Besides, if the raw materials are not strictly screened or ingesting of grain and oil products are contaminated, it may also cause aflatoxin infection, including moldy corn, peanuts, rapeseed, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, etc.

Aflatoxin is 68 times than that of arsenic. How to remove aflatoxin?

How to remove aflatoxin?

The general cooking temperature can not destroy aflatoxin because the cleavage temperature of aflatoxin is 280 °C. Only when it reaches 280 °C, can aflatoxin be inactivated. It will not work even in disinfecting cupboards, and aflatoxin is resistant to ultraviolet light. How can we make aflatoxin away from our lives?

Eating more green vegetables

If you accidentally eat moldy food, don't worry too much. The accumulation of toxins requires a certain process. Eating more green vegetables can remove part of the aflatoxin that we usually eat accidentally because chlorophyll can prevent the absorption of aflatoxin and liver cancer.

Adding Edible oil

A small movement before cooking can help eliminate a certain amount of aflatoxin. If we cook oil such as peanut oil, we can pour it into a pan, heat it, add a small amount of salt and stir for 10-20 seconds. It will eliminate aflatoxin in most edible oils. The strong base can destroy aflatoxin, and the neutralization and degradation of aflatoxin by the salt can probably eliminate 95% of aflatoxin.

Raw foods remaining dry

Unprocessed foods, such as peanuts, rice, corn, etc., should be placed in a ventilated and dry place after harvesting. And you should ensure that the content of water is steamed to about 12%. At the same time, with the use of chemical fumigation and anti-mold agents, moldy and spoilage can be effectively prevented. To prevent spread once mildew occurs, the mold should be removed immediately and then fumigated once.

Milk and its products should be boiled at high temperature

The feed of dairy cows is mainly composed of corn, wheat, and grains. If the feed exceeds the standard in toxin, the milk will also contain toxins. People who drink milk and milk products with toxins will get poison, especially infants and young children. Therefore, you must be cautious in choosing dairy products.

Try to choose the products of regular manufacturers in a brand. If you order fresh milk, it is better to boil for a while at high temperatures to destroy some toxins.

Aflatoxin is 68 times than that of arsenic. How to remove aflatoxin?

Food should not be stored for too long

It is also critical to store food that is susceptible to aflatoxins. Improper storage can easily increase the number of toxins in food. Proper storage can extend the shelf life of foods. For example, peanuts, rice, etc. should be placed in a ventilated, cool, and dry place. Buy dried and shelled peanuts, walnuts, etc and stored it in a sealed box. Pay attention to shower and humidity. It is better not to hoard too much food and consume it as soon as possible.

These three points to get away from aflatoxin

Wang Xiaodan said that the first is careful selection. Do not buy food that has been damaged, unclean or moldy. Try to choose small packaging in nuts. Try not to buy self-pressing oil produced by small workshops.

The second is serious washing. Aflatoxin is present on the surface of the grain. It should be washed and cleaned before cooking peanuts, corn and other foods. It can remove toxins attached to the surface of the food. Chopsticks, cutting boards and other kitchen utensils are easy to hide food residue organically produced aflatoxin. Therefore, when cleaning the food residue on utensils, you should first make a bubble, drain the water after washing, put it in a dry and ventilated place. Chopsticks should be placed upside down. A cutting board should be hung or stand up and can not be placed on the wall or the table. It is better to rinse it with water once again before every time you use it.

The third is scientific eating. If you eat mildewed nut or snacks occasionally, you must not lazy to spit it out or rinse it with water. Nuts, rice, etc. appear slightly yellow or even black, bitter, wrinkled, etc., must be thrown away. Raw peanuts should first be soaked in water, rinsed, and cooked. People who often eat many fried peanuts should eat more fresh green vegetables daily. A study has proved that to some extent phytochemicals such as chlorophyll can inhibit the carcinogenic effect of aflatoxin B1.

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